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Back in Season
February 17, 2009, 12:16 am
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Honey CombThe season, for me, has begun. There’s been enough warmth here that the queens are laying in several hives, and the bees are definitely hitting my leatherleafs, which always provide an early snack for the girls.

Since I’m officially vacationing this week, it’s a great week to do stuff like build new hive boxes, assemble frames, etc. I know you’re not really supposed to have goals when you’re on vacation, but I’d love to have medium supers (as brood boxes) on all my existing deeps by the end of the week, and have all the hives combined into one location. I’ve found that being a part-time beekeeper is hard enough, and having two hives in one location, and two in another is just too much work. Not to mention that one location seems perpetually washed out to the point where my girls are inaccessible for weeks on end.