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Expect The Unexpected
January 27, 2011, 4:30 am
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When you live with four boys you never know what will happen. I came home for a wonderful lunch of home made Reuben sandwiches that my wife had made. Sitting there stuffing my face with fabulous sauerkraut goodness, I was interrupted by my 13 year old, bursting through the door, breathlessly calling me outside.

Broken leg? Treehouse fall, complete with crushed skull? House on fire?

All I could think about were those last two bites of my sandwich. But I put it down and rushed outside. There in the backyard I found my son’s first big kill: he had shot a squirrel out of a tree with his pellet pistol. Before any Peta folks give me a hard time, you have to know how incredibly difficult, and sporting, it is to shoot a squirrel out of our massive oaks with a single shot pellet pistol. My kid’s a heck of a shot.

So the rest of my lunch was spent field dressing a squirrel – a first for us all. If we’re going to be raising meat rabbits – which we’re working on now – then its time I got over my squeamishness and learned how to do this. I prayed over this little gal and did what needed to be done, with much respect. It wasn’t easy for me, and I hope it never becomes easy. I hope all of the Scott family recognizes the responsibility we take upon ourselves when we take a life, or raise a living animal or crop.

The hide is now curing outside (see pic) and the meat’s in the freezer.

And no, I didn’t get to finish my sandwich.

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