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Farming Fun In Knoxville
June 27, 2011, 8:16 pm
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The Scotts are completing a weekend jaunt to Knoxville, TN today. The weather is beautiful here in East Tennessee; it’s a few degrees cooler here, and the humidity is not the wet blanket covering you in Memphis.

We had a little farming adventure yesterday that I thought I’d share with anyone who comes through this way. We visited “The Fruit And Berry Patch“, a little pick-your-own place here in the hills. We took in blueberries and bucket-loads of some of the sweetest blackberries I’ve tasted (from thorn-less blackberry canes, no less), and simply ran out of time to hit the peaches. It was a leisurely afternoon of picking off the dripping wet bushes (it had just finished raining when we arrived), wandering among the rows, and playing with goats and sheep. The operation is run by a sweet man who mans the store and keeps it stocked with an assortment of home-made fried pies, molasses suckers, fruit spread, apple butter and honey. The honey, by the way, was my only point of contention with the operation. I asked where his bees were (assuming he produced his own honey from the berry patch), and though he has bees on the property, he buys his honey from…Montana! In his defense, he claims it’s the best he’s ever had – pure alfala honey – and so he orders it from Montana. But clearly he’s never had ours.

If you’re in the Knoxville area, be sure to stop by.

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