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Bunny Progress: Week 2
March 3, 2012, 6:30 am
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should have a bee post right now. The weather is incredible here in Memphis (mid-70’s today) and I should have gone out to the bees this week, but time just wouldn’t allow. So in lieu of a spring Memphis beekeeping update, I’ll give you a quick update on the kits (rabbits).

They’re two weeks old as of yesterday. It’s been interesting to be a part of new rabbits. We’ve birthed several litters of pups here, and the experience is completely different. First of all, the birthing process of pups was much different. Jessie’s (my momma Jack Russell Terrier) first labor was an all night affair, with the first puppy getting stuck in the birth canal. It was somewhat stressful. Ruby, our doe, gave birth to six kits before I could get off the phone and take a look. Boom – it was over. No mess, no fuss.

Second, baby rabbits are much less needy. Pups seem to always be nursing, or at least trying to, and generally, bitches oblige. Not so with kits. The doe seems aloof, hardly showing them attention. Evidently this is the way of rabbits. In the wild, does generally abandon the kits during the day to keep from drawing attention from predators. Then they come back to feed the babies at night. Now, don’t get me wrong – Ruby is quite the mom. If you move too quickly in and out of the cage, she’ll come after you. You must pay a toll before picking up any of her babies by stroking momma first. After that, she doesn’t seem to care what you do with them.

In case you’re wondering, the kits were quite able to roam around their box almost immediately. By ten days their eyes were open, they had put on quite a bit of fur, and their ears were perked up to the point where they looked less like naked mole rats and more like – well, like rabbits.

The fluffy bunny factor is going to be hard to get over. Everyone in the family is quite taken with them. Bringing down the axe is not going to be easy.


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That is such a cute little kit you have pictured! I used to have a pet rabbit and he was awesome. Good luck finding good homes for the babies!

Comment by Food Fan Frank

Thanks, Frank. Our goal was to give the rabbits a home in our bellies. But I’m not sure how easy that will be now that they’ve arrived. They’re darn cute. But with it being so close to Easter, this particular batch may end up being sold to provide $$ for feed. We’re trying to make sure that whatever we grow – plants or animals – have some kind of return on investment.

Except the dogs 😉

Comment by memphisbackyardfarmer

I have often thought about raising my own animals to eat. I know that it is a win win because you are getting meat that hasn’t been treated with anything, and your animals get to live a good life until they become food.. However, I still haven’t been able to bring myself to do it and I don’t know if I ever will. I definitely understand and support what you are doing though!

Comment by Food Fan Frank

@Food Fan Frank – I hope I’ve verbalized the apprehension I have to making these cute little guys – gulp – dinner. When it comes to chicken (eggs) and bees (honey) and even goats or cows (for milk), your crop is a byproduct of the animal – not the animal itself. A lot easier than butchering something you’ve cared for, and even named.

Thanks for stopping by!

Comment by memphisbackyardfarmer

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