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January 26, 2013, 3:57 am
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Tomato StartsEach year I’ve been trying to perfect my seed starting routine. Last year was fabulous. I had plenty of healthy starts for myself and for all my friends (I had about 50 leftover seedlings I gave away last year). I prefer open-pollinated heirlooms, but I also grow a few F1 hybrids, like the “Early Treat” tomato I picked up last year. It’s about a 45 day tomato, and though they aren’t huge, they’re beautiful and delicious. A good carry-over until the big boys come in.

Well, it’s late January here in Memphis, which means it’s almost time to start my spring seedlings. But at this point I haven’t decided what I’m ordering, and who I’m ordering from. I’m late!

But I’d like your help. This year I’d like to know what some of your favorite varieties are, and what seed companies you order from. Again, I’d prefer open-pollinated heirlooms, so that I can save seed, and I’d prefer growers from the southeast, so that the conditions under which the seeds have been cultivated will be similar to my own.

So – what and who do you love? Post in the comments, below, and thanks!

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I’m rather fond of amish paste and cherokee purple. They’re available from most heirloom dealers (Baker Creek, Seed Saver’s, etc.) I’ve tried wapsipinicon peach tomatoes before, but I’m not fond of the flavor. I had a hard time telling when they were ripe though, so that may have had something to do with it. šŸ™‚

Comment by jimrob4

Rob, thanks for stopping by! I really like the Cherokees as well. They made the cut this year, as opposed to the Black Krim’s I got last year. I JUST put the seeds in trays last night, so I need to do a post to let everyone know what I ended up with, and where I ordered from.

Comment by memphisbackyardfarmer

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