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Spring Planting
April 18, 2013, 10:02 pm
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IMAG0865April 15 in Memphis is “the day” to plant. Last year I fudged and got some plants in the ground a little early. I’m glad I waited this year. At the end of last week we were certainly having warm days, but then the temp would plummet back to the 30’s. Monday, and every day since, has been gorgeous, between 70-80 degrees, so my wife and I spent Monday putting seedlings in the ground.

Tomatoes, Ā peppers and loofah seedlings went in, but my okra and herb seedlings didn’t look quite strong enough to put down yet. I also seeded some pumpkins, squash and cucumbers. My usual routine is to put my tomato and pepper seedlings in rows with adequate spacing, then plant vining, creeping plants in between rows to make the growing space a little more intense. Tomatoes grow up. Curcurbits grow out.


I still have some beds to finish up. I have spinach and kale seedlings to put in one bed, basil and cilantro to seed in another, and a few more cukes and squash to put into two yet un-weeded beds.

With all that said, the temp tomorrow is supposed to drop back down in the 30’s, but not quite to freezing. Hopefully the plants will be hardened off enough to handle the change.


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I really enjoyed reading how you plant tomatoes and peppers and then surround them by cucurbits because they grow out. Great idea. Good luck in your garden.

Comment by headinthegarden

Thanks for visiting, Sarah. I just took a look over at headinthegarden. Looks like we have lots in common. Look forward to following your progress!

Comment by memphisbackyardfarmer

I believe we do. Thank you for checking it out! I look forward to yours as well!

Comment by headinthegarden

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