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BJ’s Favorite Spot
May 27, 2013, 11:10 pm
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ImageWhen I’m working in the yard, I like to let the rabbits roam. They chase each other, play games, munch on grass and flowers, and explore. I worked on beekeeping equipment all day Saturday, and so turned the rabbits loose for the day. BJ is a rabbit we had serious health problems with early on. Somehow he punctured his abdomen in his cage, and had an intestinal protrusion that we thought would be fatal. I honestly thought it was a digestive problem related to his feed. I was out of town when the event happened, and by photo and research, I thought BJ had become severely constipated and had blown out his rectum. This is known to happen in rabbits. I had the boys change his feed to hay only, had them isolate him in a separate cage, and keep me posted until I arrived back home. I honestly thought he’d soon be dead.

But by the time I arrived a couple of days later, BJ’s protrusion had shrunk to the point where I could see that it was coming from a small slit in his lower abdomen. To me, that pretty much sealed the deal; he was a goner. I was ready to put him out of his misery (because there’s no way I would pay to have this fixed with a vet, if it was even possible to do so). But because of the boys’ affection for BJ, they begged me to hold off. The piece of intestine appeared to shrink gradually, much like an umbilical cord does on an infant, until it eventually dropped off. Meanwhile, this skinny, scrawny rabbit fattened up until he is now one of the prettiest bunnies in the rabbitry. He’s quick, has a great demeanor, and a beautiful coat. Here he is, relaxing with me on the patio Saturday.

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