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Vampires Beware!
December 2, 2013, 3:31 am
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IMAG1163Better late than never? I hope so. I’m only today getting my garlic planted. We’ve got a warm spell this week, so the weather is nice enough to get some things done.

This year’s plot is a little different than last year’s. I planted another 60 cloves (like last year). But if you notice the picture above, I have markers placed for divided sections of twenty cloves each. Last year I bought a big bag of garlic from Costco, divided the cloves, and planted. This year, I bought another bag, but I also bought a small bag of organic garlic, and took three heads of garlic that I grew last year, and divided those. So, I have three different types of garlic planted, to compare with each other. I’ve marked them above with “O” for organic, “S” for Scott garlic, and “R” for regular, or conventional, store-bought garlic. Eventually, I’d like to only grow garlic that I’ve cultivated, but we just didn’t have enough left from last year’s crop to plant a full bed. Read that last statement carefully; we probably pulled in 55 heads of garlic of the 60 we planted. But just like a raise in your paycheck, any extra you have gets consumed quickly. We have burned through an enormous amount of garlic since July when we harvested.

For those of you who haven’t planted garlic before, you should. It’s incredibly easy, and it’s so rewarding to have long braids of fresh garlic hanging in your kitchen, ready to pull anytime you need to add a little spice to a meal.


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I think garlic is the best gateway drug to gardening. Very easy to grow and tend.

You are wise to separate your garlic like that. I started out with two varieties years ago, but due to carelessness on my part lost track of what was what and now they’re both mixed together. It’s impossible to tell them apart without cutting into them. Your system makes good sense as long as you continue to keep them labeled and separated after harvesting. (Something I failed to do).

Comment by Bill

Bill, I’d really like to be able within the next year or so to have enough “home grown” garlic that I wouldn’t have to rely on an outside provider’s. I’m hoping that I’ll have a good idea after maybe one more year what the best garlic for my soil-type is.

Of course, I might be like you – it would be easy to lose track of what I planted in the rush to consume. It goes so dang fast around here!

Comment by memphisbackyardfarmer

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