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Meet Hermione
May 28, 2014, 8:14 pm
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Hermione is the newest addition to our little backyard “farm”. She came to us via a friend and fellow urban agriculturist  who was having trouble with her vocalizing her opinion, so to speak. She was clucking so loudly, and so early, that it was waking both him and his neighbors. Since I’m the closest thing to a butcher most of my friends know, I usually get their problem animals. Such was the case with Hermione. But it turns out that she rather likes it here. She’s quiet unless the dogs spook her. She wanders the yard pecking and scratching and has laid a couple of eggs for us.

So – for now – she stays.



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She’s beautiful!

I’m not the butcher, but I tend to inherited the mean chickens too.

Comment by Lunar Euphoria

Good for Hermione! May she find a good life there.
As for the people who get rid of chickens because they wake them up, I wonder whether they ever consider the possibility that they ought to get up earlier. šŸ™‚

Comment by Bill

My husband and I live in East Memphis and have chickens. We need to rehome one of them and were wondering if there were any forums or plaves to post this information (google search is being most unhelpful). She is a 4 year old Ameraucana who is good with dogs, kids, and other chickens. Thanks!

Comment by ndgriffin06

Well first, hi neighbor! I haven’t seen any forums, but honestly I go straight to craigslist for stuff like this. Have you listed her there? I’m guessing that she’s at an age where she isn’t laying anymore, correct?

Comment by memphisbackyardfarmer

She will go for a couple weeks laying regularly then many weeks in between. She’s a very docile chicken. Used to our kids and dogs. We just have too many and she’s least productive. We did put an ad on craigslist but it may have gotten lost in the shuffle as there were many posts that day. Figured we’d ask around to see if there was stuff we didn’t know about.

Comment by ndgriffin06

I don’t know of anything, unfortunately. Probably easier if you were giving her up for butchering.

Comment by memphisbackyardfarmer

Well we aren’t opposed to that. Basically I just don’t want to know what happens to her. Ignorance is bliss as it were.

Comment by ndgriffin06

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