Memphis Backyard Farmer

Make Hay While The Sun Shines

There are so many sayings that folks throw around that they just can’t understand unless they garden or farm. “Make hay while the sun shines” is one of them. I’m on the road a lot and next week I’ll be away even more. But it’s mid-March, it was 74 degrees today, and there’s a lot of gardening to do. I had one day to get a lot done. So here’s a list of what happened at the homestead today.

First, coffee with a good book. Wendell Berry’s latest stories from Port Royal. Just got it yesterday.


Then it was time to get busy transplanting some seedlings.I had 54 tomato and pepper plants to put into their first pots; Early Treat, Brandywine, and Cherokee Purple tomatoes, and Serrano peppers. I created a quick video today showing how I do my transplants. You can check it out here.

Rats – after finishing the tomatoes, I ran out of potting soil. I make my own using organic potting soil and my own compost. But I had to cook the compost first. Into the oven with a batch of compost!

While the compost cooked, I also made a batch of sugar syrup for the bees.

On to the bee yard to feed the bees. They had already eaten all the sugar syrup I put on last week. Busy bees.

Meanwhile, time to clean rabbit cages. I turn my rabbits loose in the yard while I clean their cages. They love it, and it’s incredibly entertaining to watch. The straw, hay and rabbit poo goes into the compost pile.


Then on to plant potatoes. I have two big planters (used cotton seed containers) that hold four potato plants, so I had to fill them with soil, straw and compost. Three plants went in a raised bed, then three more in a trench in the yard. In case you’re wondering. I’ve got a little experiment going with potatoes, trying to find what is most productive here.

Time to take a break from gardening…and change the oil in both cars. I’ve got a big drive on Monday, so it’s got to get done.

And now to gather up the bunnies.



Got to finish potting the peppers and load them all back into the attic under the grow lights.

And I’m done. Big day. The sun finished shining a long time ago, but the hay is put up.